E-commerce is growing exponentially and the number of digital buyers is predicted to hit 2.14 billion by 2021. Going by these numbers, it's evident that e-commerce owners look for business models that will boost their business and push their sales figure upwards. If you are toying with the idea of starting a new business, it might be a great decision to consider print-on-demand (POD) or on-demand printing.

Print on demand e commerce

Whether you are a creative person, an artist or a writer, physical products provide you with a blank canvas to transform into a masterpiece with your creativity. From t-shirts to posters, backpacks to books, you can put your original spin on every product and sell them online. However, if you go down the traditional route of holding inventory, you will be left with a pile of products that won't sell.

POD services provide a substitute to bypass conventional buying and selling that involves time, investment and risk associated with managing inventory. With POD, firms can create and sell custom products with a personal touch at a fraction of a cost.

How To Use Print-On-Demand Services To Grow Your Business

Are you all set to collaborate with a POD service provider to get freedom from shipping hassles? Well, your wheel may be already spinning with ideas; it's time to see how POD gives a boost to your business.

Grow business with Print on Demand

Reach A Larger Audience With Print-On-Demand

Want to create products for a specific niche or during a specific season? Print Genie will help you out. You don't have to worry about shipping hassles, you can reach out to a specific, larger audience base which you would miss out on when using a conventional e-commerce model.

A Unique Way To Advertise Your Brand

If your brand has a specific audience, you can market your brand through merchandise. By doing so, you can build a small income stream and spread positive word of mouth for your brand.

Uplift Your Customer Base

With on-demand printing, you get the opportunity to sell an extensive range of products, giving a reason for customers to choose you over your competitors. By offering customized products, POD motivates customers who aren't ready for a large investment to connect with your brand at a low price.

Enhance Your Brand Image

If you are new to the world of garment printing, rather than taking the risk, consult a POD service provider. POD allows you to engage with popular and reputable service providers that customers look up to for quality. A good association will improve your brand image.

Get Immediate Feedback with POD

When you start something new, you always have to face the risk of throwing your efforts down the drain. With POD, you can pilot test your idea with a potential customer base. Create products with POD and send the idea or sample products to get feedback from your customers. If they like it, sell it on a large scale.

Rise of Print on demand

Popular Print on Demand Products

If you have a flair for creativity and a thirst to earn money, print –on-demand firms offer an ocean of opportunities for your business. Selling POD products is a unique way to generate additional income. However, it's not always easy to find products that will sell. Here we have enlisted some POD products to add to your store to give your customers something unique to cherish.

Trendy and Comfy Apparel

Apparel is a well-known category among sellers and customers, so why not include it in your online store. When you include apparel in your store, create separate categories for men and women. Print Genie offers an extensive collection of clothes for men, women and kids. With Print Genie, you can sell custom products that have a personal touch to them to attract your audience.

Custom Hats

This is one accessory that is a must-have for winter. With trendy caps, you can beat the summer heat in style. At Print Genie, you will find trendy caps to add to your online store including:



Must-Have Accessories

Whether you are the proud owner of an e-commerce store or run a POD platform, accessories are popular products you must include in your store.

Accessories available at Print Genie include:


Mobile cases

Face masks

Home And Living

A popular category to consider is homeowners who look for products that will jazz up their interior. Home décor products include coffee mugs, pillows, wall art and more.

Who Uses Print-On-Demand Services?

POD service providers offer an endless selection of products and with endless customization options. If you are still confused about whether POD is right for you, look at the list of businesses below that can benefit from print-on-demand drop shipping.

POD Service

Content creators, artists and designers who need a platform to show off their skills.

E-commerce business owners to expand their offerings.

Social media followers.

Start-ups can send a positive word of mouth communication about their brand.

Non-profits fundraising for their cause.

You can also use drop shipping services for:

Testing a business idea.

Monetize on the audience you have already created.

Create original products for niche customers.

Sell products with awesome designs.

Awesome Benefits of Print-On-Demand

Print-on-demand offers a popular revenue stream for many businesses. The reasons why businesses keep flocking to POD include the following.

Lower Overhead Charges

With POD, you no longer have to worry about creating an inventory. You only have to pay when a customer purchases the product, like a print-on-demand custom t shirt. Low overhead costs a principal reason why POD has become a lucrative business model.

Less Work With POD

With POD, a third-party vendor will take care of all the printing and shipping hassles. This means you only have to focus on the product line.

Less Time Consuming

Converting a unique, innovative idea into a reality is not an easy task. You don’t get enough time to print and gather inventory. But with POD, you get the spontaneity and flexibility to translate an idea into action in no time.

Fewer Risks Associated With

Every idea you come up with may not turn out to be a winner. POD allows you to test an idea without putting all your eggs in one basket. Lower risk is another reason why firms prefer to collaborate with a POD service provider.

How To Connect Your Shopify Store With Print Genie

Are you all set to connect your Shopify store with Print Genie ? This handy guide will come to your rescue.

Step one -

Have you finally taken the decision to connect your shopify store with a POD platform? If so, Print Genie will make the process hassle-free for you. The best thing about our platform is that you don’t need extra penny to create a Print Genie account.

step one to connect shopify with print genie
Download print genie app

Step two -

Once you have created your Print Genie account, next connect your online store with the platform for free. We currently integrate with Shopify and more platforms and API’s is also on the way.

Step three -

Now it's time to showcase your talent by creating, adding and syncing products. Once the customer places an order, Print Genie’s warehouse will start its work. When the order is shipped, customers will receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number.

Step 3
Handle Fulfillment

Step four -

We will handle the fulfillment for every order. Package will contain your company’s name and address (optional). The process replicates the experience of shopping from a store front.

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